Review Request Policy

General Information:

A review inquiry can be sent to our communications correspond Christian at:

We are currently accepting Young Adult (YA) and Adult Fiction (AF) books for review. Books fitting into these categories must be within these genres:
  1. Fantasy (YA, AF)
  2. Paranormal (YA, AF)
  3. Science Fiction (YA, AF)
  4. Realistic Fiction (YA)
  5. Romance (YA, AF)
  6. Anthologies (YA)
  7. Horror (YA, AF)
  8. Suspense/Thriller/Psychological (YA, AF)
  9. Adventure (YA, AF)
  10. Fairy Tales/ Myth Retellings (YA, AF)
  11. Dystopia (YA)
Further breakdown of the preferred genres of the reviewers on this site:

Bailey (B):
  1. Fantasy (YA, AF)
  2. Paranormal (YA, AF)
  3. Realistic Fiction (YA)
  4. Romance (YA, AF)
  5. Anthologies (YA)
  6. Horror (YA, AF)
  7. Suspense/Thriller/Psychological (YA, AF)
  8. Adventure (YA, AF)
  9. Fairy Tales/ Myth Retellings (YA, AF)
  10. Dystopia (YA)
Christian (C):

  1. Fantasy (YA, AF)
  2. Paranormal (YA, AF)
  3. Science Fiction (YA, AF)
  4. Horror (YA, AF)
  5. Adventure (YA, AF)
  6. Fairy Tales/ Myth Retellings (YA, AF)
  7. Dystopia (YA)

We prefer to receive a physical copy of the book, either an ARC or a finished copy, that one or more of us will choose to read. We will also accept digital copies, but it may take us longer to read and review the book when it is in this format.

We are currently NOT accepting audiobooks at this time.

If the book belongs to a series, we may need to acquire copies of previous installments in order to properly understand and review the story. These previous installments will also be reviewed.

Accepting Books: 

Each of us will make every effort to read and review received books in a timely fashion and with regard to the release dates of the books. However, this is not always possible due to the fact that we rarely deny a review request (this results in a backlog). If there is a certain date that you would like the review posted by, it is best for us if we receive the book at least 3 weeks prior. However, we can always work with the publisher or author in order to decide on a date on which the review should be posted by.

All of our reviews will be posted on this website and each of our individual Goodreads accounts (depending on which of us read it).

How Our Reviews Work:

Since Knightingale Reviews is run by siblings, we will distribute the books amongst ourselves, as we see fit, to be reviewed. It is quite possible that you may receive multiple reviews on our website or a co-written review depending on which of us is available to read it or who may enjoy it more.

How We Rate:

All ratings will be out of five stars and reviews will be posted on both this website and a Goodreads profile (depending on who rated it). 

Star Rating:

=It was amazing!

= Really liked it!

= Liked this book.

= This book was okay.

= Did not enjoy/like this book.

Ratings are based upon our personal enjoyment of the book and are not meant to be objective ratings. We review honestly. Therefore, if we did not enjoy the book our review will express this. However, such reviews are not meant to be harsh as they are only meant to be constructive and express reasons as to why we did not personally enjoy the book. (Quarter stars are also possible.)

Cover Reveals and Contests/Giveaways:

If you would like Knightingale Reviews to take part in a cover reveal, let us know! We would be happy to promote your book and release the cover. All you have to do is email the picture that you would like posted and the date that you would like it posted on. We usually start a countdown 2 or 3 weeks prior to the date that we are given, and we may post a small teaser of the cover during this time. We also have an Instagram account ( and a Facebook page (, which will be used for the countdown, teasers, and posting of the full cover.

If you would like us to help with a contest or giveaway, email us with the details, and we will either accept or decline. If we choose to take part in the contest/giveaway we will use both our blog and Instagram account ( Our Facebook account may also be used.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us at:

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