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Rise of the Battle-Bred Book 1 by V.L. Holt

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Received: Free e-book from the author
Publication Date of Book: December 11, 2013
Pages: 328
Stars: (4.5/5)

"It's like we have two lives going on.  The one where we try for normal, and the one where we fight to keep it."

Years and years ago, the Warlochs existed as a prominent force.  It was and has always been their goal, even in present day, to have a strong rule over all people.  To better describe them, Warlochs, or Battle Loch, are a group of formidable men who are gifted in the art of magic and are definitely not to be trifled with.  To make their job of conquering mankind easier, they decided to construct a group of humans who would fight as their warriors, doing their dirty work for them.  This task was a long and in depth process that required the most meticulous of work if they wanted to create the perfect human beings.  Searching for just the right women full of health and longevity, of them twenty children were born.  Thus began the  race of the Warriors, or Battle Bred.  While these children were allowed to stay with their mothers until their fifth year, they showed much promise and demonstrated amazing skills.  They were better than any human could ever dream of being.  Some were faster, stronger, and better healers than the rest of humanity.  Their skills and gifts go on and on.  Then, they were taken from their mother's arms to be trained as the ultimate fighting force.  As they matured, they went out and conquered many peoples, but then they realized how confined they were.  The Warlochs used them as simple pawns in their game, and they just wanted to live their own lives.  So, the Warriors deserted their creators, spreading far and wide, falling in love, and having children.  The Warlochs were furious and have since vowed to destroy ever last one of their creations, no matter how long it takes them.

Switching to present day, Jane Burrows is your average girl next door.  She's beautiful in her own way...and just so happens to be a newspaper delivery girl.  All's normal in her humble home in Deer Fjord, Oregon, until one family  made up of a father and a son arrive in the middle of the night.  The son's name is William and he quickly takes a liking to Jane the moment he sees her, and somehow she feels a magnetic attraction towards him too.  For some reason, every time he opens his mouth or looks her way, Jane's face immediately burns red.  William has an uncanny talent to make her blush at the smallest of things.  Of course, it doesn't hurt Jane's thoughts about him when she acknowledges the fact that he has a nice face and toned body.  However, the normal town with the average girl next door suddenly starts to become anything but average as strange things start to happen all around her.  Also, something strange is up with William.  He's not like everyone else.  He's different.  Little does she know, William and his father are Warriors who have been on the run from the Warlochs for years.  The Warlochs have created a new spawn to kill the Warriors, and they are ferocious, killing machines.  Lochspawn are on all of the Warrior's trails, and one has followed William and his dad all of the way from Toledo to Deer Fjord.  Can these two ever have a normal relationship?  Can William ever settle down with Jane and get the courage to tell her who and what he really is?  Maybe no one is safe with his family around if the Lochspawn are going to try and kill him and those around him.  So, how can you explain these two's unnatural longing for each other and how this hot mess will work out?  Read 97 and discover the magic, romance, suspense, and talent that V. L. Holt can bring to the table.

I would like to start off by saying that this book exceeded all of my expectations!  The story of the Warlochs and their creations were just so intriguing.  From page one, I was hooked.  There was something about the story line and history in the book that made it so rich.  I also enjoyed how there was a switch from past to present between the time that the Warriors were being created to the time where Jane and William meet throughout the book.  The story developments and background histories Holt wrote about were absolutely brilliant.  It was intriguing, different, and exceptional work.  I like to think that any and all fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series will love this new series!  It's just as enthralling and expertly done!

While some people have a problem with instant love, I don't find it much of an issue while reading books.  Of course, instant love is exactly what happened between William and Jane, and I thought it was quite romantic.  What girl doesn't like the idea of love at first sight?  It's a dream come true in 97!  Also, the chemistry between William and Jane seemed so natural, almost like they were destined for each other.  The point of view changes were also a nice touch.  Holt goes and gives us insight into each of the two's lives and thoughts.  We also get to see part of a Warloch's point of view and his direct past.  However, we mainly get to see through Jane's eyes.

Don't think that just because love is in the air, there's no action sequences.  Have no fear because we get to witness hand to hand combat and magical battles.  (Well, this is how I would categorize William and a Lochspawn fighting each other.)  There's danger, suspense, and a killer plot behind this book.  The ending even left me holding my breath.  This means that I'm dying slowly inside as I wait to get my hands on the next book so that I can read it!  97 was a great way to begin the Rise of the Battle Bred series, and it will undoubtedly get even more amazing as the next couple of books come out!  People better watch out because V. L. Holt has brought a new fantasy/paranormal romance on the scene, and I hope that people notice it.  It's imaginative, enticing, captivating, and exciting.  So, I have exactly three words for you: READ THE BOOK!

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