Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Doctor Who: City of Death by James Goss (Contributors: Douglas Adams and David Fisher)

This review was written by: C and F
Received: ARC from Publisher
Publication Date of Book: October 2015
Pages: 320
Rating: 5/5

Doctor Who: City of Death is a very intriguing read. To begin with, the novel's events occur in  Paris, France during 1979, a fascinating time period and an amazing location. On top of that, the story is extremely well-written, possessing a wonderful plot and timeless characters. If you love the original Doctor Who television series (or the modern continuation of it) you will adore this book and inevitably any other Doctor Who novels! We promise that you will not be disappointed or left unsatisfied with James Goss’s marvelous contribution to the Doctor Who phenomenon. He skillfully took a beloved episode of Doctor Who and translated it into a literary masterpiece.

Doctor Who: City of Death focuses on the fourth incarnation of the Doctor. The Doctor and his current companion Romana go to Paris for a holiday. However, this innocent excursion soon turns into an adventurous mystery in the City of Love. Everything is going well for the Doctor and Romana until, one day, they discover that the famous Mona Lisa painting has gone missing. It is also revealed that the Jagaroth, an alien race, are coming back from extinction. The Doctor and Romana team up with Duggan, a British private detective, to figure out why the Mona Lisa was taken and to find out where it currently rsides. While investigating this case, the Doctor, as usual, runs into a lot of trouble. His misfortunes begin with being caught by the exact same people who stole the Mona Lisa. The Doctor must hurriedly escape before they mercilessly inflict a nasty dose of torture. 

We do not want to give too much away and spoil the rest of the story! So if you want to find out whether the Doctor, Romana, and Duggan solve the case, you will have to read this astounding book! Overall, this is one of the best Doctor Who books that we have ever been given the pleasure of reading. The authors Goss and Adams have a very unique style of writing that engrossed both of us! We highly recommend Doctor Who: City of Death!

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