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Seduction for Hire by W. K. Corvo

22016483This review was written by: B
Received: eBook from Author
Date of Publication: January 2014
Pages: 234
Stars: 4.25/5 Stars

Official Summary:
Suzanne: A gorgeous, exciting seductress; a shoulder length golden blond mane, alluring blue eyes, and magnificent body.  Hired to entice, disgrace, and destroy Michael Anselletti to suicide.  However, even some of the best laid plans fail, as did this one.  Suzanne is murdered. Mike is the only suspect, and on the run with a mountain of evidence against him.  To make matters worse, there is a hefty price placed on his head!

Follow Mike's plight as he tries to get his life back.

My Thoughts:
Psychologists say there are about eight passages you travel through from the time you're born to the day you die.  Normal things like breakups, lost loves, losses of jobs, and the death of a parent, to name a few.  Then there are those times when all hell breaks loose, and your whole world gets turned upside down. Times when you find yourself in a raft without an oar or life jacket, hurtling down a deadly stretch of whitewater without an end in sight, and all you're capable of is holding on for dear life.
~Seduction for Hire

Seduction for Hire is a suspenseful romance/murder mystery like no other!  Mike has been a broken man since his divorce, never able to quite get over the once in a lifetime catch of the beautiful, wonderful Chris.  Now that they're no longer an item, but rather good friends, he's on a quick rebound with Lisa that quickly ends up in him remarrying.  However, he quickly regrets this and considers it a mistake but finds divorcing his new wife to be trickier and messier than he had originally anticipated.  That's when jaw-dropping, breath-taking Suzanne appears on the scene.  With a somewhat striking resemblance to Chris, Mike can't help but feel a physical attraction to her that leads him to cheat on Lisa.  However, the consequences of his actions lead to more trouble than anyone bargained for.  When Suzanne is suddenly murdered in the same bed as Mike, things go from messy to absolute lunacy for this one man.  On the run, suspected of murder, completely confused, deeply regretful, and missing Chris and his three children like never before, Mike must find a way to survive without getting himself caught or even killed!  What is a man to do in this position?

 W. K. Corvo crafted a story that continually amplified in anticipation and suspense.  Chapter by chapter, my heart raced faster and faster as I awaited Mike's ultimate fate. There was never a dull moment, especially during the final, nail-biting chapters that concluded the story.  The experience that Mike went through would no doubt have broken the average person if they were in his position, which only made me admire Mike more.  He persevered and kept what was important in the front of his mind through all of his trials and tribulations.  He refused to give up on himself and more importantly on the love that he had for his family.  However, despite his bravery, Corvo still made him human. He faltered and he thought about giving up, which made Mike a truly relatable character.  
Corvo was easily able to make characters that were believable.  You could easily feel the obvious love that surrounded Mike and Chris.  It was practically tangible!  Mike's deep love and passion for his children was also noticeable.  This is one of those few books where the characters feel like they just click with each other and are meant to be.  I find this difficult to come by and impressive on Corvo's part.  I also really loved how the different faces of humanity were explored.  There were those who were willing to do anything for money and couldn't let go of it, becoming manipulative and violent.  There were also people, though, who were willing to help others out of the kindness of their own heart.  I loved to see Mike relying on the kindness of strangers during various parts of the novel because it made me realize how great humanity can be.  Plus, the ending of Seduction for Hire was absolute perfection!  I don't think it could have gotten any better.  I love my HEAs!!!!

If you're looking for a great romantic suspense novel full of action and heart, look no further!  Plus, a portion of the proceeds from this book will be given to the Wounded Warrior Foundation, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  I definitely recommend Seduction for Hire!  Once you start reading it, you won't be able to stop!

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