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The Devil's Dreamcatcher (The Devil's #2) by Donna Hosie

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Received: Library
Publication Date of Book: May 2015
Pages: 261
Stars: 4.5/5

Official Summary:

Hell is full of thieves. But only one has dared to rob The Devil.

The Devil’s accounting office is hiring an intern, and sixteen-year-old Medusa Pallister wants the job. Badly. Not only would she report to the coolest boss in the Underworld, she’d also be working alongside Mitchell Johnson, who, she’s certain, is the key to solving a mystery that’s been haunting her since her death.

Landing the internship is easy, but answers about her past will have to wait. Medusa has barely made Mitchell’s acquaintance when Hell goes into lockdown. Someone has robbed The Devil of his most precious possession: a dreamcatcher so powerful it could be apocalyptic in the wrong hands.

In this gripping sequel to The Devil’s Intern, Team DEVIL reunites for a quest for stolen property that will lead Medusa to a showdown that no one, not even The Devil himself, could have foreseen.

My Thoughts:

With The Devil’s Dreamcatcher, Donna has brought us a new and exciting adventure featuring the one and only Team DEVIL!

Although Mitchell, Elinor, and Alfarin were capable of altering Medusa’s past, death still claimed her at a very young age. Thus, she has been in Hell for 40+ years. However, dying twice has made Medusa special, and she often remembers bits and pieces from the first timeline in which she existed. Medusa is also attempting to work her way up in Hell and applies for an intern position that will enable her to work alongside Mitchell Johnson – whom she feels is quite familiar.

Once easily attaining the position, Medusa joins Team DEVIL and meets up with all of her old friends. However, their reunion doesn’t go quite as expected, especially due to the fact that Medusa’s stepfather, Rory Hunter (also known as the Unspeakable), has escaped from the nine circles of Hell and stolen The Devil’s Dreamcatcher. Septimus entrusts Team DEVIL with the Viciseometer in order to track Rory through time, capture The Devil’s Dreamcatcher, and bring it back to Hell. There’s only one slight hitch, they are all pawns in a complicated game and there is one powerful individual who has even betrayed Septimus, one of Hell’s most feared devils.

After reading The Devil’s Intern, I wasn’t sure how Donna would expand the world that was introduced to us. There are many series that decline in world building after the first installment, and Hosie already explored time travel and Hell itself. However, she was able to expand the world of Team DEVIL for the better, and I almost feel as if The Devil’s Dreamcatcher is better than her first book!

It was also brilliant of her to introduce Team ANGEL, those sent from Up There in order to capture The Devil’s Dreamcatcher for Heaven. The devils have to learn how to work with the divine beings and take back that which belongs to the ruler of Hell. The chemistry between the two groups was amazing, and Donna knew just how to add the right amount of humor at the most opportune times. I absolutely loved the comedy from the first book, and I am so glad that she was able to carry this over in the second book. Let me give you a little example of one particular part of the book that made me laugh out loud. Within the following conversation, the members of Team DEVIL are joking about what form of torture their own fictional circle of Hell would possess, and Alfarin gave a humorous response:

“Mine would be having to wear those garments called underpants,” says Alfarin. “My manly parts cannot be constricted. It affects my appetite.”
“Well, that is an image I did not need in my brain, Alfarin.” Scolds Elinor, standing up. 

Plus, there was so much more lore to be explored. The reader learns about the original Dreamcatcher, what other worlds exist besides Earth, Heaven, and Hell, and what powers angels and devils may possess when they exist outside of their respective domains. There were so many new and exciting aspects introduced into this world, and they all made the story so exciting and fast-paced. The only complaint that I have would be the first bit of the book. It just seemed a little slow at first, and the story is told from Medusa’s perspective, as well. Mitchell is by far my favorite character, so it admittedly took a bit of getting used to seeing events unfold from Medusa’s viewpoint. However, the story picked right up once the Dreamcatcher was stolen and Team DEVIL was introduced to Team ANGEL. All-in-all, this is a read you don’t want to miss!

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