Saturday, July 19, 2014

SuperGal vs. God by Lori Hynson

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Received: GoodReads Giveaway
Publishing Date of Book: June 2013
Stars: (5/5)

"When God moves into your house, He rearranges the furniture."

SuperGal vs. God was an amazing read, and I was so excited to find out that I had won it through! (Thank you Lori!) This book is about a strong and successful woman who, despite her intentions, falls in love again. When things seem to be going great, her love, Ben, suddenly falls ill. Everything takes a turn for the worse when Ben is admitted into the hospital. Taking matters into her own hands, SuperGal tries to fix the problems on her own. Little does she know, God has a plan for her, and His plan relies on her faith in Him. Throughout the book you get to see how God can influence just one person's life in such a major way. While Ben and SuperGal ride out the storm, God is planting faith in their lives.

Either I'm gonna trust Him
Or I may as well walk away . . .

This novel truly intrigued me. I was practically praying along side Lori for Ben. I couldn't put this book down until the very end. Not only did you get to hear Lori's side of the story, but I loved how she wrote what God and Satan were doing and thinking as well. It added an element to the story that made it even more interesting.

SuperGal vs. God was a fabulous read. I could not believe the amount of faith and determination that Lori had. Her story showed the love that God holds for all of His children and how we can either except that love or ignore it. This book made me not only amazed but also laugh and root for Ben and Lori. I believe that everyone should read this book. It was extremely well written, and it will touch your heart, while holding a message that will reach the hearts of so many others as well!

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