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The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This review was written by: C
Received: Library
Publishing Date of Book: November 2013
Pages: 308
Stars: (5/5)
"This is a game. I hear Dean's voice echoing through my memory. It's always a game. That was what he'd told Michael, and at the time, I'd agreed. To the killer, this was a game-and suddenly, I couldn't help thinking that the good guys might not win this one.
We might lose.
I might lose."

This book was AMAZING! Jennifer Lynn Barnes has been one of the greatest authors that I have come across and she always weaves a tale of intrigue and complexity . "The Naturals" was no exception. The book was full of mystery, action, suspense, and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I couldn't put it down!
Here is a short summary of what the book is about:
Cassandra (aka Cassie) is a teenage girl with a strange gift, she's a profiler. This peculiar gift allows her to view a person's appearance and actions and build a profile of their life. She has lived with her father's family ever since her mother was murdered. Cassie wants closure for this gruesome tragedy and is approached by a special program. She soon joins a group of kids labeled as Naturals, individuals that can detect lies, read emotions, and profile individuals, just like Cassie. This group aids the FBI in cold cases, or investigations that were shelved and never solved. A string of murders begins and Cassie believes that the killer was the one responsible for her mother's death. Cassie and her misfit group attempt to aid in the investigation as the killer slowly bids their time, their fixation on Cassie growing more dangerous with each passing day.

Overall, the book was great and fast paced, thus resulting in a very quick read. The only parts of the novel that were a little freaky were the short paragraphs from the serial killer's point of view. Barnes definitely placed herself in the mind of a madman in order to bring to life such a realistic viewpoint.

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