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Transformed by E.V. Fairfall

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Received: Copy from the Author 
Publication Date of Book: January 2014
Pages: 273 (Paperback edition)
Stars: 4.5 / 5

Fear doesn't live in someone who has nothing to lose.

Years and years ago, Thea and her brother landed on Earth, destroying everything and leaving carnage in their wake.  It was then their duty to recreate and bring back what they themselves had demolished.  Taking the time to painstakingly implement the most intricate of details, Thea and her brother worked diligently to manifest the most beautiful of creations from animals to plants to humans.  However, when they were done, the Earth would not let them grow old and die; instead, the two were to continue on with their duties. 

Now commonly known as Mother Earth, Thea has guided her creations and looked after them with the utmost of care, going as far as to even take her animals' forms.  However, humans soon began to destroy the beauty around them as time went on.  They tear down forests and hunt living creatures only for the vanity of sport.  The siblings roam for years, attempting to balance the good and evil in the world that was tipped when the humans became greedy, but suddenly Thea ends up somewhere she cannot escape.  Earth wants her to teach the Willipord family, a group of less than empathetic hunters, compassion, and it will not let her go about the rest of the world freely until she succeeds.

The Willipords are ruthless, though, and in order to do carry out Earth's wishes, she must turn into a human.  However, her brother gave her one rule and one rule only: never take the form of a human.  Thea is terrifyingly hesitant to go against what her good-natured brother has told her, but her plan requires defying his wishes.  She hopes to make Brice Willipord fall in love with her.  Brice is undoubtedly handsome but his personality leaves little to be desired.  Plus he has unknowingly hurt Thea countless times.  Despite these prospects, she is willing to do what it takes to be free again . . . that is until she meets Chamber.  Chamber has two things in common with Brice: he is a Willipord and a hunter.  Thea cannot help but feel attracted to this broken, curly-haired boy with mesmerizing eyes.  But he's a hunter. Perhaps Thea's plan won't work out as she had originally hoped, for fate has twisted the forthcoming events into something unimaginable.

What happens when Thea falls for what she despises most?  The end result can't possibly be good.  Also, Brice hates to see a girl end up with Chamber, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to have Thea ripped away from Chamber.  Who will end up with Thea?  Who exactly is her brother?  Is it possible to have a soul mate? Will Thea ever be free?  Can the Willipord family actually change? Read Transformed to find out!

Words were power, and ideas were death to the mind if left to wonder.

My thoughts on the book:
Original ideas for YA books are awfully challenging to come by.  It almost seems as if ideas are just recycled again and again until they are completely exhausted.  Sure, some can include twists that make them unique and still thoroughly enjoyable, but the core concept is still the same.  However, Transformed was brilliantly new and quite honestly refreshing.  Never have I come across a book such as this.  The entire design was memorable, rare, special, and captivating.  From beginning to end, it was practically perfect.  

The origin and creation story that were weaved into Transformed were fascinating and gripping with a great perspective.  Also, Thea as Mother Earth alongside her mysterious brother were completely intriguing, especially when their stories unfolded.  I was shocked to find out exactly who her brother was, but it made perfect sense.  Just thinking about how caring, gentle, genuine, and pure Thea was is remarkable.  It is easy to imagine that she is what humanity was supposed to embody.  This then leads me to the point where many honest emotions were explored and pondered as Thea finally experienced the forbidden: being human.  I feel as though E.V. Fairfall kept Thea's behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes true and parallel to her innocence and first experiences.

I found the views on hunting in this book to be well thought out and heavily explored without being preachy.  I personally find hunting to be an intensely horrifying endeavor.  I just can't bring myself to understand the satisfaction that some experience when killing an animal only to have it hung on his or her wall.  Through Thea's voice, I felt terrified and profoundly saddened when she saw an animal shot before or was hurt herself in the same manner.  For some reason, my mind kept wondering to that one scene in Powder when the hunter felt exactly what the fallen deer felt, but I digress!   

Why kill a soul if it didn't need to die?   

If you like twists, this book definitely has some!  I had no idea that they were coming.  Each one was equally unpredictable and shocking!  Plus, the ending was pure perfection!!!!  I was literally putty as I read the last page.  I wish we all had a Chamber in our lives.  (Sigh)

So, if you enjoy a unique, thought-provoking, twisting, fantasy, paranormal story, definitely pick up Transformed!  It's a marvelous read.

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