Thursday, February 4, 2016

Death, Love, Lust (Anthology)

28869647Received:  Advanced Copy for Review
Publication Date of Book: February 4, 2016
Stars: 5/5

Official Summary:

Death is definite.  Love is infinite.  Lust is eternal.  

In the end, death always wins.  And what of the threads that remain? Love? Lust?  The desire to feel both?  The desire to return to the living and feel again?  Because, despite death, the heart will forever pine for the love that once was; the love that was once tangible but now is reflected back only in memories and photographs.  Both love and lust are stronger than death and will always linger long after life is pulled from us.  Because of this we will always remain definite, infinite, and eternal.  

Death, Love, Lust is a delectably delicious dark romance collection that you will not want to miss! Chalk-full of malevolent, passionate creatures including demons, ghosts, grim reapers, and even a succubus and incubus or two, the stories are sure to please!  Every author spun their own unique tale and proudly distinguished themselves from each other.  Not one was boring or alike.  I have read several anthologies in my day, and personal experience has shown me that the majority of them contain stories that meld together or only have a few select pieces that are notable. However, Death, Love, Lust stood out to me in every way possible.  It is truly a shining needle in an ever growing haystack.  

I sincerely loved how there were dangerously eerie stories as well as deeply heartfelt ones that brought me close to tears.  I felt such a deep connection with the characters, an element that I was never expecting due to the short length of each entry, but the diverse stories never left me bored.  I found myself deeply pondering true, eternal love as I read the last line, and I adored how deep the love ran and how profound it was in so many of the stories.  Of course, I can't forget the poetry!  Their rhythmic elegance brought something irreplaceable to the anthology!  

Love doesn't come in a neat little package.  There are obstacles to be overcome and an endurance that will be rivaled.  Having said that, Death, Love, Lust depicts love in every light. I loved that this anthology was not just about heterosexual couples, but had a great representation of LGBTQ+ relationships.  I cannot tell you how pleased this made me! You definitely won't find your stereotypical pairings here, but what you will find shall be just as wonderful!  I do believe that I have discovered quite a few authors to look out for, and I can't wait to see what they put out next!  If you want to read an astounding collection of supernatural stories spiced with death, love, and lust, you have definitely got to pick this one up!  And like Marie said, read it in the dark!!!!

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