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Sammie Street Adventures: Stormy Saturday by Jennifer Blyth


This review was written by: C
Received: Ebook from Author for Review
Date of Publication: Dec 14, 2015
Pages: 49
 Stars: 4/5

Official Summary:

A terrible storm keeps siblings Braydon and Brooklynn stuck at home. Does this stop their fun? No way! With the use of their imagination, these kids set out on all kinds of adventures inside their blue house on Sammie Street.

It was just a typical Saturday, or so it would seem.

Braydon sets the pace in his bedroom by teaching Brooklynn how to turn a normal pile of clothes into a grand adventure where they climb Mount Clothia, but things spin out of control for these two in the Flying Forest. Afterward, the pair travels down to the Whispering Waterfalls, where Braydon and Brooklynn show off their bravery. Something bad happens when Mom loses her ring, but the kids offer to help find it. The siblings head off in search of the missing ring and make some new friends while searching in Jolly Jungle. These kids enjoy one of the best days of their lives stuck inside on an awful rainy day.

Do you want to know how? Do you want to try?

Well then, get comfy, pick up this book, and start turning the pages as you follow along. An adventure is at your fingertips.

My Thoughts:

Imagination is such an important aspect of any childhood, and I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to read a book that puts it front and center! My favorite aspect would have to be how the characters were able to remain part of fantastical adventures that stemmed from ordinary things found within their own home. It opens a child's eyes to the magic that can exist around them and the fact that there are no limitations, aside from what you are able to bring to life with your own creativity and passion. The Giggling Guardians were definitely a nice touch, as they were cute and adorable additions.

The illustrations were also enjoyable and Blyth was able to bring an engaging manor forth through her writing. Thus, her voice came across beautifully, and I believe that young readers will enjoy her style and the story's positive energy.

The only suggestion that I have would be that readers around or above the age of five may enjoy this story more so than those four or younger. In my experience, longer sections of text in books like this one might be a bit more difficult for younger readers to sit through. However, the story is truly enjoyable and you should give it a try if you think it might be something that your child would be interested in.

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