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Miranda's Rights (Paranormal Detectives Book 2) by Lily Luchesi


This review was written by: B and C
Received: Author
Publication Date of Book: January 8, 2016
Pages: 128
Stars: 5/5

Danny Mancini is glad to be rid of the Paranormal Investigative Division (PID), especially if it means that Angelica is out of his life forever.  Loving her had been so easy until he found out that she was a half-vampire, which was when the ever-present disgust set in.  How could he possibly love a woman who thrives on drinking actual human blood for survival?  His past life and his previous love for her seem all but a distant dream.  Plus, the paranormal creatures that she opened his eyes to refuse to leave him, especially when he goes to sleep at night.  Nightmare after nightmare plagues him . . . and then things get worse.  One fateful evening, he is suddenly targeted by a group of vicious werewolves intent on capturing him.  Near death (and fighting for his life), he has no choice but to immediately call for some much needed help, but help cannot come from just anyone.  A regular human would never be able to fend off this sharp-toothed, formidable enemy.  No, they have to understand his situation and be experienced in these matters, and that person just so happens to be the one who he wants to erase from his memory forever, Angelica.

Daniel cannot turn his back on this recent event.  The murderous werewolves were not just any old shape shifters.  They were cursed and after Angelica, too.  This former detective has no other choice but to join forces with the PID once again and face the horrible possibility of a conniving, practically impossible to kill witch, all while facing the half-vampire who he just can't shake from his heart.  While all of this is bound to be difficult for Danny to deal with, another unexpected surprise pops into his life.  While at the PID, his long deceased fiancĂ© Miranda walks right up to him.  She's a vampire, and has been so since her supposed "passing."  Working as a PID agent, she was kept hidden from her family and friends by being forced to work on an entirely different continent.  However, she's come back to be with Danny, even if he doesn't feel the same way.  

Why were the werewolves after Danny and Angelica?  How can someone fight a force that refuses to die?  Will Angelica finally give in and become a full vampire, relinquishing her of her passionate feelings for the man who does not reciprocate her own passion?  What does Miranda have up her sleeve to win Danny back?  How does Danny really feel about Angelica?  Read Miranda's Rights and find out for yourself just what happens to these characters!  Just remember, love can be tricky, especially when dealing with vampires!  

After the ending of Stake-Out, C and I were immediately dying for more Paranormal Detectives novels, and when we were given the opportunity to read this new installment, we couldn't have been more excited!  Lily Luchesi outdid herself with this stunning sequel, which was somehow even better than the first book!!!  Fans will not be disappointed to read this one.  Favorite characters returned for an incredible story with an intriguing plot, fantastic villains, and even more supernatural creatures and thrills than ever before.

To begin with, we first have to express our love for Angelica.  We were extremely impressed with this strong, half-vampire in the first novel, but Miranda's Rights put her over the top.  There's something about her that is so kick-butt and (for lack of a better word) awesome!  Luchesi proudly presents a character devoid of the common female tropes found too often in literature today.  Angelica is everything we could ask for in a character . . . and more!  It was also lovely to see that although Angelica is a confident, capable woman, she is still feminine.  The author definitely obtained her goal of creating a female character that retains her feminine qualities while still kicking-ass in her six inch heels!  We believe that audience members will fall in love with this half-vampire in a heartbeat!  Also, she is a great role model for those out there who think that they can't be fearless, courageous, and beautiful all at once!  There are simply no words to describe the wonder that is Angelica Cross. 

The great thing about Miranda's Rights is that it picks up soon after Stake-Out ends.  Also, the action picks up in the very first chapter and continues to build as the story progresses.  Paranormal creatures were introduced during this installment that we would never have expected.  Sure, there was bound to be witches, werewolves, and vampires, but we were not expecting demons, other shape shifters, and even fey-folk!  This is not your average vampire novel.  Luchesi adds layer upon layer to this world of hers that crafts a unique experience that readers will happily return to.  The surprise and twists and turns she takes you on, you will never have seen coming!

Elements from the last book were gracefully carried into the next, including Supernatural references (If you haven't seen this show, what are you doing with your life?!) and lyrics that correspond and set off each chapter.  We'll be honest, we fangirled hardcore each time Supernatural was alluded to.  (We have no shame.)  There were also flashbacks once again regarding Angela's past.  These moments add depth to the story and enriched the book as a whole.  Those precious moments were our absolute favorite.  It took the story to a whole new level, embellishing important moments.

Perhaps one of the strongest elements in Miranda's Rights, was the relationship between Danny and Angelica.  Love can be a wonderful and painful thing.  One minute it can make you ecstatic beyond reason, but the next thing you know, it's as if you're drowning.  Sorting out your feelings can be like wading through mud, and deciphering what you're truly feeling is sometimes impossible.  How can you love someone but feel a need to distance yourself from them at the same time? This is what Danny's struggling with.  The inscrutable fact is that he loves Angelica, but how does that love extend?  How much love will it take for him to come to accept someone of a completely different nature than himself?  These are just a few questions that are proposed throughout the book.  

So, if you're looking for a paranormal read with some mystery, horror, action, and romance, look no further!  And if you haven't picked up this series yet, we strongly suggest that you do.  It's definitely worth it. Lily Luchesi has proven herself yet again as a capable author who can write compelling stories like no other!

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