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The Whatnot (The Peculiar #2) by Stefan Bachmann

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Received: Library
Pages: 368
Publishing Date of Book: September 2013
Stars: (5/5)

"A tower of blood," she sang to a wavering, sliding tune.  "A tower of blood and a tower of bone.  A tower of ash and a tower of stone.  Who's at the top of them, who's in the dark?  Who climbs the stairs without leaving a mark?"

Stefan Bachmann did it again!  He created an extremely intriguing and fantastical world that kept me glued to my seat for days.  Not only did I get to fall in love with his old characters again from the first book in The Peculiar series, but I also had the opportunity to fall in love and became attached to new ones.  By introducing fresh people, he brought together an even greater story.  (However, I did wish that I could have heard from Mr. Jelliby a tad bit more.)  Full of magic, fantasy, and a great plot, this book created a fabulous experience that included what it means to hope and persevere for what you love and believe in.  I was extremely pleased with this installment and have decided that I enjoyed it just the same, if not more, than the first book, "The Peculiar".  The ending was quite satisfying with, what I considered to be, a happy and content closing.  (I love this series so much that I wish another book would be written!)

The Story's Plot:
Years after Bartholomew's sister, Hettie, became stuck in the Old Country, a quick trip to a prison on his never ending journey to find her reveals a young street boy named Pikey who claims to have seen his missing sister.  Touched with his faery eye, Pikey has glimpsed this changeling girl but for only short periods of time.  Desperate to escape his miserable cell, he tells Bartholomew that he can see her again.  This promise gets him a chance at freedom, that is if he can still tell Bartholomew about his visions with his branch haired sister.  The only problem is that he cannot necessarily see her when he wants to.  It's sudden and unexpected.  However, this does not stop Pikey from telling him that he can do as he's asked.  

Hettie, while being stuck in the Old Country, is continually trying to survive in a strange and horrid land.  Suddenly and against her will, Hettie is taken in by the persistent Piscaltine, a strange woman who claims she just wants a friend.  Hettie goes on an incredible journey to try to find her inner strength and beauty, even though she is surrounded by faeries who call her ugly, stupid, and useless.

Consistently switching between Hettie's side of the story and Pikey and Bartholomew's, we get an equal part of adventure and suspense between all the characters.  The two boys try so hard to find a door into the Old Country between the lies and and deceit, troubles and worries, and Hettie attempts to believe in her brother who promised to rescue her, and she hopes to find a way out of the Old Country.

I strongly advise anyone who read the first book to finish the series.  You will not be disappointed!

"Why d'you believe the bad things?  I don't care if you hate me and if you leave me behind, but you can't GIVE UP!"

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