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Eyes to See by Joseph Nassise

This review was written by: C
Received: Library
Publishing Date of Book: October 2011
Pages: 320
Stars: (5/5)

Eyes to See was awesome! Joseph Nassise wove a world of darkness and creatures that go bump in night that resulted in a believable and intriguing adventure. The mystery surrounding the main character, Jeremiah, and his hidden past made the book even more of a great read!

Here is a short summary of what the book is about:
Jeremiah Hunt was once an ordinary human with a normal life and family until his daughter, Elizabeth, was kidnapped. This shocking event caused Hunt's perfect life to crumble around him. He lost his wife and almost all of his money in futile attempts to find his daughter. Rescuing Elizabeth became his obsession and he soon lost all hope in finding her.  As the days passed it became prominent that he may not find her alive. One day a strange eyeless preacher approaches Hunt and tells him he will find his daughter if he is willing to go the distance. Jeremiah immediately returns home to find a strange book of rituals. A single page contains a spell to allow one to see the unseen. Hunt believes this spell will enable him find his daughter, but it actually takes away his sight and opens his eyes to a horrifying world that was right under his nose.
The story continues with Hunt aiding the police with a few gruesome murders. His newfound ability to see the dead has allowed him to gain support of Officer Stanton, who has continued to help Jeremiah in the search for his daughter, even though the case has gone cold and was therefore shelved, in exchange for the use of his gifts. These seemingly random murders are what bring Hunt to the realization that they might actually be related to the disappearance of Elizabeth. Hunt meets a few friends along the way, including a hedge witch and a berserker, who aid the blind man in his search for the truth.

I found the story to be quite original, fast paced, and full of plot twists. The book never became boring and the characters always had hidden secrets that were being revealed. I also enjoyed the fact that the story was told in segments that went back and forth between the present and Jeremiah's past. This allowed for short breaks in both story lines that were refreshing and sometimes frustrating (I was tempted several times to skip a few chapters until the next segment came up so I could see what was going to happen!).
I also enjoyed the fact that Jeremiah grew as a character. He began as a mundane human, working his days away, and eventually became a respectable man hell-bent on doing anything he had to in order to find his daughter and bring her safely home. To me he became admirable and the fact that he gave up everything to find Elizabeth, along with his everlasting love for his daughter, were both touching and were the best qualities that Hunt possessed. He persevered and would never give up, no matter what stood in his path. I can't wait to read the next two installments in the series.

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